CGA Marathon Championships

CGA Marathon champs will be held in 2024 at the Balwin Sport Jeppe Marathon. CGA Marathon champs are mandatory for athletes who want to be considered for selection to the CGA team for SA marathon champs.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded in each category for men and women from Senior, 40+, 50+, 60+

Qualifying times – Men: Senior 2h30 | 40+ 2h40 | 50+ 2h50 | 60+ 3h00
Ladies: Senior 3h00 | 40+ 3h20 | 50+ 3h30 | 60+ 3h55

Balwin Sport Jeppe Marathon 2024 Race Rules

  1. Numbers can be collected at Jeppe Quondam on Friday 9 February from 10h00 until 18h00 and from Saheti School on Saturday 10 February from 09h00 until 17h00. (No late entries will be accepted.)
  2. All athletes participate at their own risk. Athletes acknowledge by entering the event that they are medically fit to participate. All athletes must supply the name and contact number of their next of kin on both the race number and entry form.
  3. Race numbers must be worn on the front of the vest and 2024 licence numbers must be worn on the front and back. Temporary licences will be on sale online and at number collection. Temporary licence numbers are to be worn on the back of the vest. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run with an ASA Provincial licence and are  required to purchase a temporary licence or face disqualification. (Refer to IAAF rule 4.)
  4. Registered athletes who are members of ASA affiliated club must wear club colours, their 2024 licence numbers on front and back of their vests, and the Balwin Sports Jeppe Marathon race number on the front of their vests. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run in club colours unless suchclub exist in their country of origin or they are in possession of a refugee status permit or are naturalised citizens of RSA. (Refer to IAAF rule 4.)
  5. This race is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and CGA.
  6. Athletes indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, whatever the same may arise out of their participation in the race.
  7. International Athletes must provide a clearance letter (from their country of origin) to the organisers and chief referee prior to the start of the event. Prizes will be withheld if this rule is not adhered to.
  8. Race entrants must be the following ages on the day of the race:
  • Marathon – 20yrs; Half Marathon – 16yrs.
  1. Numerical age category tags must be worn (back and front) by athletes competing for category prizes. Proof of age must be provided on request on the day of the race or with the entry form.
  2. The official cut-off time for Half Marathon is 3.5 hours. The Marathon’s cut-off time is 6 hours. For your own safety, the following cut-off’s will be enforced on the Marathon route:
  • 19km at 2hours 45min
  • 34km at 5hours
  • 37km at 5hours 30min
  • 39km at 6hours
  1. 10km, 21km and 42km entry fees are subject to a 10% CGA levy which is included in the entry fee.
  2. Prize-giving will take place at 09h00 for the 10km and 21km race and at 11h00 for the 42km race. Objections/appeals must be lodged within 30 minutes before or after prize giving with the chief referee accompanied by a deposit of R500.00 should the appeal be upheld.
  3. All instructions from traffic and race officials must always be obeyed. 
  4. Proof of age for prize winners is required and must be presented to the referees before prize giving. Prizes will be withheld until all the necessary details of the winners are confirmed.
  5. Only those who have completed all the information required in the race entry/number are eligible for prizes.
  6. Marathon entrants who decide not to complete the second lap, and finish the Half Marathon, will be regarded as non-finishers for the Marathon and Half Marathon and will be disqualified.
  7. The race organiser retains the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission.
  8. Athletes who participate without buying a race entry will be disqualified, will not be entitled to any benefits associated with the race and will be liable for a double entry fee charge. Habitual offenders (those who regularly participate without purchasing a race entry) will be called to a CGA disciplinary.
  9. Licensed athletes not wearing club colours may face disqualification.
  10. Littering is not allowed. Athletes are to dispose of any litter in appropriate bins. Athletes can be disqualified if they litter.
  11. A secure tog bag area will be available on the day of the race at Saheti School.
  12. No seconding will be allowed
  13. No blades, bicycles or mechanically operated devices are allowed in the race.
  14. Regrettably athletes are not allowed to run with pets.
  15. Entries cannot be refunded, cancelled, returned or exchanged on account of weather or unforeseen events occurring beyond the control of the event organisers.
  16. No iPods, or any other form of earphone type devices may be used during the event.
  17. Substitutions can be done at number collection at a cost of R50. Should the substitution process not be followed you will be disqualified. Go to our website for more information on the substitution rules.
  18. The first 4000 42km, 21km and 10km entries will qualify for a complimentary T-Shirt. We will endeavour to supply you with the correct size however we cannot be held liable for any sizes that are not available. There are NO T-Shirts for the 5km Fun Run.
 Marathon & Half-Marathon5KM & 10KM
Cost of entry

42KM: R450 

21KM: R300

10KM: R200
5KM: R100
Distance42,2KM & 21,1KM5KM & 10KM
Water points72
Cut-off time6 h (42 km) & 3,5 h (21 km)No cut-off
Prize-giving11h00 (42 km) & 09h00 (21 km)None
Vitality Points3000 / 1500300
Number of runners6 0003 000
Medical assistanceYESYES
Close of entriesEntries close 31 January (or when entry limit reached)